January 19th

▸  09:00 AM - DL Meeting - Leadership Round Table

6400 Calder Dr, Dickinson, TX 77539, USA

Leadership Round Table with Jason Spears. Breakfast and time for our leaders here at Dominion Church. This event is reserved for our Department Leader's Only. Please email clint@dominionchurch.org for more information.

January 20th

▸  DC Kids Reverse Lock-in

No further details.

▸  Growth Track 201

No further details.

January 23rd

▸  06:30 PM - DCY Big Night

Dominion Church 6400 Calder Dr, Dickinson, TX 77539, United States

DCY's mothly Big Night. We do service like no other week. Come, invite your friends, and have a great time!

January 24th

▸  12:00 PM - Food Truck Outreach

6400 Calder Dr, Dickinson, TX 77539, USA

Join us for this Food Truck Outreach on the 4th Thursday of each month. We partner with the Galveston County Food Bank to give groceries to the community. You will be a part of handing out groceries and giving people the friendly smile they need for the day. This is a great way to reach out to your community! For more information, please email us at outreach@dominionchurch.org

January 26th

▸  08:00 AM - Men's Breakfast

No further details.

January 27th

▸  Growth Track 301

No further details.

▸  12:00 PM - CAC Meeting

Dominion Church, 6400 Calder Dr, Dickinson, TX 77539, USA

We would like to try having the CAC meeting over lunch. I will have lunch in the office right after second service and we will begin the meeting. We will be having the Mediterranean Salad with Chicken from Gio's. Please let me know if you can attend. I am finishing up the financials through December so I will send them out later. Thanks

▸  01:00 PM - BEYOND-DCY

Dominion Church

DCY's Student Discipleship Program. Bring $5 for lunch

▸  02:00 PM - Embrace Grace Classes

No further details.

January 11th

▸  07:00 AM - Galveston Outreach

This outreach is down in Galveston, TX to the homeless population. We partner with a known ministry and minister on the street to the homeless. We meet at 7am at the church parking lot and carpool together. This is a great way to spend the morning as a family serving the community. We would love to have you a part of this outreach. You can email us at outreach@dominionchurch.org for more information.